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October 14 2013

Tripe and lamprey

Unbelievable but true, tripe and lamprey are two dishes that never fade. Until about fifty years ago, one of the street vendors crowding the streets of Florence, there was also the tripe a famous street food. Shops circulating that moved with the push of a ancient tricycle or a rickety bicycle. Along with the fishmonger, the ice cream you could cross this seller offal whose daily receipts was largely from the sale of the intestines for cats.

Each resort has its own culinary traditions. In Florence we are famous for the sandwiches with tripe or with the lamprey. Prepared with veal or beef offal, offal these are for their lovers a bouquet of flavors not to be missed. The lamprey is one of the four stomachs of cattle (abomasum) that is cooked for a long time in the water with tomatoes, onion, parsley, celery, salt and pepper.

Once cooked, you can enjoy as a normal boiled, seasoned with salsa verde, or more loved by the Florentines, or cut into small pieces as a filling for a sandwich Tuscan unsalted (the top slice should be soaked in the broth of the same lamprey ), always seasoned with green sauce, salt, pepper and optionally also with a spicy oil.

Widespread on the shelves of lampredottai is also the version in zimino (or inzimino) or with a wet leafy greens, beets generally. Tripe with various cuts (ear, cross, etc.) can be prepared in many different ways. Boiled, rebuilt in tomato sauce with parmesan (delicious with a knob of butter, not surprisingly called the Florentine tripe) with salad or in zimino.

At the time of the times in which the broth was cooked tripe was sold in bottles, he drew an excellent soup where the rice cook together. Many of these culinary habits as well as the consumption of other types of offal are now lost.

But the sandwich with tripe or tripe remains a must, especially in winter.

Vasco Pratolini in his masterpiece “The neighborhood” describes the figure of tripe: “The tripe is in front of his cart: smoke in the pan just boiled the lamprey, the crowd around the boys of the neighborhood with crusty bread in his hands, for the first Breakfast: cleaning the fingers on the bottom of his trousers to use a pinch of salt … “.

Here are some of the addresses where the tradition of Florentine fast food stands and where able to deal in a taste of this specialty, for the smallness of its price, taste and convenience of consumption, make it a unique food.

The most characteristic and typical tripe Florentine are: the kiosk in Sant ¹ Ambrose, the kiosk at the Pig, Nerbone all ¹ inside the Central Market, where also great sandwiches with boiled (most valuable parts of most animal), the Old tripe in Piazza Cimatori, the kiosk in via Gioberti, the kiosk di Porta Romana and the tripe of Via de ‘Macci.

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