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August 26 2013

Crete: where the blue really begins in Greece!


The Greek Island Crete is a marvellous world unto itself. Enchanting landscape and history have collaborated to make it one of the most evocative and multi-faceted of the Greek islands, with a rich tapestry of canyons, mountains and, of course, blissful beaches lapped by crystal-clear water and Premium Villas rental .

Crete‘s corrugated south coast is just as untamed by mass tourism. Roads corkscrew through sparsely populated mountains before dead-ending in the deep blue Libyan Sea. Craggy coves cradle footprint-free beaches, many reachable only by boat or walking trails. Villages are little more than tiny clusters of whitewashed houses basking in splendid isolation, such as Loutro, wedged into a glittering crescent where days move gently. At Agios Pavlos, serenity and lack of development make it a favourite for escapists and yoga devotees.

More restless types are drawn to rambling through gorges, especially in spring when temperatures are moderate and wildflowers push up from the hard-baked soil. The Samaria Gorge, reputedly Europe’s longest canyon, may be the best known, but there are plenty of others. The shy kri-kri, an endangered mountain goat that survives only on Crete, thrives in this tough terrain.

Greek flavours

The food is simply too tasty. And, as numerous studies show, it’s healthy too.

The secret is in the ingredients, among them wild greens picked fresh from the mountain, sun-kissed tomatoes, homemade olive oil and hand-churned cheeses and you can taste them while relaxing in your Luxury vacation home rental in Crete by Luxury Villa Rentals Italy.

Bewitching beaches and Luxury Vacation Villas

From secluded pebbled coves to bar-lined strips and exotic lagoons, Crete has fabulous beaches. On the south coast, Preveli Beach is a sandy sliver of Eden at the mouth of a canyon, backed by a thriving grove of endemic palm trees.

There’s another natural palm forest at the beach in Vai, in the far north. In the west, the remote Balos Lagoon, shimmers like a tropical mirage at the end of a bone-rattling ride or a more gentle boat cruise. To the south, Elafonisi beckons with whitish-pink sands and turquoise shallow waters where you can walk to an offshore islet.

In Istron, just east of Agios Nikolaos, Voulisma is the most stunning of three beaches in Kalo Chorio Bay and is nicknamed “Golden Beach” for good reason.

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